Paul Crouch Achieved His Vision

Paul CrouchPaul Crouch, who built a Charismatic Christian television network empire, has died at 79. Loved by some, ridiculed by others; a great blessing to some, a superficial showman to others.

Whatever you may think of the man is okay with me. But one thing about him deeply convicted me and is to all of us inescapable.

In the mid 1970s, on the ceiling of a room in his house, he saw a vision. A map of North America appeared. From it pencil-thin lines streaked in all directions. Crouch asked, “Lord, what does this mean?” God responded with just one word: “Satellite.”

Crouch was already trying to get a small Christian TV station going. But from the time of the vision, everything changed. He pursued his calling with whole-hearted passion, tenacity, faith, risk-taking, and success after success. He built one of Christianity’s most pervasive and widely broadcast media empires.

It’s easy to admire; it’s even easier to criticize. So I won’t do either. I was, though, deeply convicted. He had one vision that changed and propelled him to what few people could imagine doing. I, on the other hand, have had countless prophecies and have sensed countless leadings of God regarding my calling as a writer–yet I have yet to get anywhere near where I know I need to go.

I get burdened by work and life’s details. I get distracted by interests. I get discouraged by difficulties. So when I read of what this man did, I am convicted. I am challenged. And I am motivated.

Thank you, Paul Crouch.

Photo credit:  LA Times