Not Impressed with Academy Awards

Oscar statuette

Forgive me for no longer being impressed with the Academy Awards. It’s not that they rarely pick what I think should be best picture. And it’s not that the movie industry narcissistically congratulates itself with endless awards.

It’s because I’m getting spoiled by seeing things from heaven’s view. Heaven is not impressed. As I’m writing Roxanne Wermuth’s story on going to heaven, I’m that much more aware that on the other side, the Academy Awards (and most other things on earth) do not matter.

Should they really matter to us?

The self-congratulatory attitude of Hollywood only sharpens my–and the Bible’s–view. Luke 16:15 goes so far as to say, “What is highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight.” Detestable! Oh, my.

That’s a bit more than “not impressed.”

How much our lives can change when we see as God sees.