New Year Change

Collaborative writingIf it’s not working, change it.

I’ve been blogging most Tuesdays on what may be God’s point of view–or a view in light of eternity–of news and interests. Not too many people seem to be reading. (If you’re reading, thank you!)

Also I’m becoming convinced that my blogging needs to be more integrated with what I actually write for publication, and spiritual commentary on the news (noble as that may be) is not it. I write nonfiction to help people connect with God and fiction to bring light into a dark world. I also collaborate to help others bring their stories to print.

And the busyness of my life–maybe you can relate–demands that I do everything I can to focus what time, energy, and substance I have. So I thought about how to fully integrate this blog with with what I write–and that includes both publications and my semi-monthly “Connections.” (Subscribe by clicking the button at the right. You will not be disappointed.)

Last, I know the value of community, in Seth Godin’s terms, a “tribe.” My increased attention to purposeful fiction is naturally opening to me a whole new–and largely empty arena. That is, few people know me for it. Any interest must start somewhere. And it might as well be here.


Starting here in this January 2015, I will move toward sharing with you online, in this blog, the things I’m actually writing. That includes what I’m writing about and the content itself.

I would love–even covet–your comments and responses. Questions and requests. Even objections and critiques.

As I start from the ground up, I want to involve my readers in my writing.

What do you think needs to be written?

What suggestions or responses do you have for what I write–before it goes to publication?

This is not just for my benefit. I’m inviting you to be involved in something beyond yourself–and beyond myself. I’m inviting you into the process of bringing light into a dark world (fiction), and of helping people connect with God (nonfiction).

Stories, whether fictional or true-to-life, are among the most powerful influences on any culture. Stories mold and define who we are, both individually and collectively.

As you interact with the stories I write, I hope you’ll have a sense that they’re in part your stories too.