How Far Does The LGBT Agenda Go?

bisexual familyThe gay marriage juggernaut is winning out. And it’s done so well that opinions across the country are changing astonishingly fast. But I don’t think for a minute that the agenda will stop there.

The Los Angeles Times ran an article on why bisexuals are mostly still in the closet. Even gays tend not to favor them: You never know whom they’ll sleep with.

Then we see this smiling family. The mom is a bisexual activist. Her husband seems okay with it. I suppose it’s a free country. But then they have their one (yes, one)-year-old son cheering them on and waving the bisexual flag (yes, bisexuals have their own flag).

Hmmm… At a one-year-old’s developmental stage, the child almost certainly has no idea what the whole thing is about. But these parents sure do. And they’re inculcating the toddler in what even the majority of the gay community (judging by their general response) seems to consider an unacceptable lifestyle.

After changes in the recent past, I wouldn’t be surprised if even this situation changes. And I almost expect to start hearing the bisexual agenda drumbeat just as we have the gays’.

God knows what will become of the one-year-old kid. And the next generation.

And in the face of eternity, what does it look like? A drama? A tragedy? Maybe a comic strip.

Photo credit: Los Angeles Times