Crazy Birds – from “Connections”

crazy-birdIt’s 1 a.m. and outside my window is a chortling mockingbird. Have you ever yelled at a bird to go to bed? I do so because I know what will soon happen. At about 4:30 a.m.—yes, way before sunrise—the local rooster will start cackling. They’re supposed to crow when the sun comes up. What’s wrong with these birds? Neither of them can tell what time it is. The price of leaving windows open on summer nights.

Then I think, if the birds—who are supposed to have nature’s clock inside them—can’t tell when to go to go to bed or get up, maybe I shouldn’t be surprised when other things don’t work right either.

What in your life isn’t working the way it should—or the way you would like?

What if nothing is supposed to work perfectly?

What if we expected it? We might even be happier people because we could rejoice every time things do work or do go well. Most of the time they do. It’s when they go wrong that we pay attention and get bothered.

Earth isn’t supposed to be perfect—only heaven is. And I suspect whatever perfection we see in the natural world is a reflection of heaven’s perfection.

So if I reasonably anticipate imperfections here on earth, I can be happy when things go well most of the time. And because I anticipate imperfections and things sometimes not going well, I’ll have the built-in expectation to trust God more.

So however things go, I find myself in a winning position. Good deal. If I recall from my Bible, that’s God’s intention.

The mockingbird carries on all night. Oh well. It must have a reason in its own imperfect world. I figure I’ll trust God in mine. Will you trust God in yours?

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