The Con Man Like the Rest of Us

Con man Christian K. Gerhartsreiter  gets caught

The con man gets caught. Christopher Chichester… or Clark Rockefeller… or Christian Gerhartsreiter (his real name) has been conning and falsely impersonating his way through life. The supposed British aristocrat, Hollywood producer, whatever, is on trial for murder. The incident happened long before he married, not telling his wife who he was, and later kidnapping his daughter.

This guy needs some direction.

Yet if I step back from the whole circus of this man’s life, I wonder if he’s more similar to other people that we think. 

How might God see this?

If I read the Bible right, in God’s eyes, most people aren’t fully honest with themselves. Most people put on a good front and create a good image that is different from who they really are.

Could it be that this guy just went a lot further with it than other people?