American or Kingdom Citizen

Angela Merkel phoneThe German magazine Der Spiegel reports evidence that the National Security Agency has been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone since 2002.

God help us all.

Angela Merkel has long proven herself to be among the world’s finest national leaders. And she’s one of my heroes.

The revelation that my country has been tapping her cell phone–along with earlier revelations in France, and now Spain, and who knows how many more national leaders and citizens whose victimization haven’t yet been revealed–is a shock, and I am left ashamed of my own country’s betrayal of our closest allies.

It reinforces to me the fact that no earthly nation is without shame.

And it compels me to take ever more seriously the biblical statement in Philippians 3:20 to believers that “our citizenship is in heaven.” Though I will fly an American flag on national holidays, I am only secondarily an American. I have dual citizenship, and I am primarily a citizen of the Kingdom of God.

That is one place without shame, without corruption.

Every person who is a genuine follower of Christ will have–or at least be offered–the same status: dual citizenship, with the primary loyalty to the Kingdom of God.

However badly my country or yours may behave, if you are in the Kingdom, you have a higher identity. That’s good news.


Photo credit:  The Guardian