When Righting a Wrong Creates a Bigger Wrong

edward snowdenEdward Snowden came to the conclusion that the CIA and NSA, for whom he worked, had way too much ability to spy. They can virtually listen in on any phone conversation they like. This is scary. And hardly ethical.

So he blew the cover of the entire operation.

As egregious as the government’s ability and practice of spying may be, the spy agencies pointed out that with this cover blown, Americans at large are now put at greater risk. And terrorists they might have caught will now be aware of what they didn’t know before and less likely be caught before they act.

In intending to do right, could Snowden actually have done wrong?

Could the result be worse than having kept quiet?

Have you ever tried to do right, only to find that something worse happens as a result.

In this case, time will tell. And the U.S. government will be after this young man. The rest of us can consider the potential lesson to be learned. And wait for what might happen.

Photo credit:  The Guardian