The Hand behind the Hand in the Middle East

Iraq-JihadistsThe Middle East is going insane. We constantly see news about Islamists going ballistic everywhere.

Yet for centuries Christians and Muslims lived together in peace, or at least respectfully side-by-side. What’s happened?

Can the identifiable historical reasons really account for the degree of insanity? Or is there more? I have a theory:

Every year increasingly more Muslims  come to faith in Isa al Masih (Arabic for “Jesus the Messiah”). Most don’t identify themselves as “Christians,” and they don’t need to. The Holy Spirit of God penetrates every border and every restriction to reveal to people through dreams and visions typically an angel or Jesus, who communicates with people that they need to learn, receive, and follow. The phenomenon is unprecedented and ever increasing.

Next, if there really is an identifiable, powerful spiritual opponent to God, whom the Bible calls Satan, wouldn’t he be furious? Wouldn’t he react, go ballistic, and use those who in earth’s socio/political arena have their issues and agendas and are ripe to be used? Of course he would. And they attack not only Christians but other Muslims who don’t believe the same way they do. I am convinced that Satan is behind the news we see. He is freaking out, and he has an agenda.

But that is only part of the picture. There is another level beyond Satan.

If you read through the Old Testament Book of Daniel, you will clearly see God depicted as the Lord of history. He works unseen in world events and is related to the rising and falling of kingdoms and empires. God has an agenda, and it’s bigger than any human’s and bigger than Satan’s. We see prophecy throughout Scripture, and we see it culminating in the Middle East. God is the ultimate orchestrator. Though humans suffer, God’s ultimate purpose is greater. Above whatever humans or Satan might do, God is allowing or working toward a culmination of history. It’s all in the Book.

So don’t freak out about the Middle East. Don’t freak out about Islamic terrorists. It’s ultimately all in God’s hands. Have peace. Watch. Be a part of God’s big picture and pray.

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