The First Porsche

the first porscheEverybody has to start somewhere.

Behold, the first Porsche.

In 1898 Ferdinand Porsche fastened a three-horsepower electric motor to the rear axel of a wagon and a steering wheel to the front wheels. He built four of them. This first one was stored in a barn in 1902 and sat untouched until recently. It had two bench seats that apparently disappeared.

Porsche went on to build tanks for the Nazis and the original Volkswagen Beetle. After World War II, he started building sports cars. And now the name is synonymous with them.

Have you started something that seemed (or was) dorky, lame, or just un-something? You’re in good company. Probably anyone who’s done anything worthwhile has as well. And these people celebrate their humble beginnings. They celebrate the long road of trial & error, setbacks and comebacks, and the tenacity that leads to accomplishment.

Don’t give up.

When God started with the world it was “formless and void.” The world-changing event of Jesus the Messiah kicked off with a baby in a barnyard trough.

What’s your humble beginning?

What’s your long road?

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