Tears at the End of an Assault Weapon

Courtesy of Free Digital Photos

I wasn’t going to write about it. But I couldn’t get the tears out of my heart. Killers with assault weapons at high schools, universities, political speeches, and now a movie theatre, shopping mall, and an elementary school. A class full of first graders massacred.

I would think that a sane country might figure out at some point that assault weapons are meant for just that: combat assault in the heat of battle. I’d sure want one if I were a soldier in a spray of bullets. But they have no legitimate use in a civilized society. No other nation on planet earth allows them.

But I see people flooding gun shows and gun stores to buy more guns. People, even Christians (who supposedly worship Jesus, the Prince of Peace), put up with the lunacy of the NRA–and they send their paranoid demands to me. This is not about guns for self defense; it’s about guns for murder and mayhem. And I’m tired of the shameless self-serving arguments.

What is in the hearts of the parents whose first-grade children and teacher were massacred? How must they feel? What must they think? People express condolence for a week, then go back to life as usual. And we don’t know if enough congressmen will vote for an assault weapons ban. Has this country lost its soul? Does not God weep over such callous insanity?

I do.