Supreme Morality

Supreme court

The Supreme Court takes up gay marriage, along with a slew of other cases. Some kind of history will be made.

We always hope that the truth wins over falsehood. But a deeper, more realistic, question is which truth or truths will prevail over others? We have traditional truths implicitly held by societies for centuries. We have constitutional truths. We have biblical truths. We have truths as special interest groups create them to fit their views of the world.

They will all play in combination, one with or against another. However the situation pans out, the various truth views will either be sharpened or dulled. And every one of them will bear interpretations.

But of all the truths only one sort was, is, and will remain, un-amenable, unchanging, eternal, and from an authority higher than our collective selves. Whether that truth source prevails or not, believers in it will need to choose how seriously they take it and live it–especially if in the face of increasing social animosity. And in so doing, believers should also consider not just the gay issue but all forms of unholiness that are too often overlooked or implicitly accepted.

Those who seek to follow God’s ways must remember that his agenda is almost always bigger than ours, just as his Kingdom is infinitely bigger than any nation.