Storms that Shatter Illusions

Photo courtesy of npr.orgThe madman violence of a tornado, especially the horrific one that hit south of Oklahoma City, makes one numb. After the numbness, one may well wonder. A lot. About life, death, and God.

Where do you start and where do you end?

What do you do in between?

What does God think when these things happen–regardless of how sovereign he is or whether mankind’s pollution causes worsening disasters.

He certainly can’t be thinking about how nice he wants our lives to be.

Maybe life is different from what we want it to be. Maybe we live illusions, occasionally shattered by storms.

If God loves us and cares for us, how do we understand life’s disasters?

Could God love us in ways that we do not understand? That we have no clue–and don’t even want to know? God’s love could be scary to the point where most of us want nothing of it.

“Why would God allow this?” is a worn-out question. Go past that. What are his thoughts? What is he doing? How does he see our existence on earth, including the disasters?

I want to know. I want to see.