Small Action, Big Consequence

asleep at the keyboard

Have you ever done something that seemed small or insignificant that ended up having a bigger consequence than you had expected, or maybe imagined?

Witness the German banker who for whatever reason hadn’t gotten enough sleep and fell asleep “for an instant” at his workstation keyboard. He intended to transfer 62.50 euro to a customer. He ended up transferring €222,222,222.22  (about $293,000,000). Fortunately another colleague spotted the error, and it was corrected.

You can probably think of a time when you may have made a seemingly insignificant comment, only to greatly offend someone. Or perhaps you did–or didn’t do–something that ended up in greater repercussions than you imagined. It could have been good or bad for you.

We live in a world that can be strange and unfair at times. We may benefit; we may not. I’m not saying we should live in anxiety about what can happen. But perhaps we can live in awe.

You may be familiar with the “Butterfly Effect.” A theory that says a seemingly small event can have repercussions on a tremendous scale at a later point.

I wonder: Can that happen in the sphere of faith? Can our “mustard seed of faith” produce results that far outweigh our initial faith? We’ve read about it, but how real could it be in ours?

In yours?


Photo credit:  Enogoyesgh Blog