Sequestration Irritation

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I’ve gotten fed up with politicians who treat their politics more like hard-core religion than governing. Republicans and Democrats alike. And there are few countries where it’s any better. Faith and its practice is where a person should take a firm, immovable stand. But governing is not faith; it’s doing what’s best for the population, and unlike faith, compromise is appropriate and necessary. But politicians politick more than govern. And it’s all about power and votes and getting what “we” want, and vilifying the other side.

If you’ve been affected by the sequestration, perhaps you feel similarly. What to do?

I’m thinking of not voting for any of these guys anymore. I probably need someone to convince me otherwise.

The Bible doesn’t tell me to vote for anyone, but it does tell me to pray. That biblical duty trumps my civic duty. So I might stop voting and start praying more. I’m curious if anyone else thinks the same way.