Sanity for Ferguson, Missouri

ferguson, moThrough all the fire and smoke and anger and fear and frustration–and through all the shouting–if we saw as God sees, what might we see?

Everyone sees a police force that shows evidence of misconduct or poor conduct, particularly where African-Americans are concerned.

We might also see a community that has had racial divide, enforced in the early part of the twentieth century by a fence that separated blacks from whites with a gate that was locked every evening until the 1940s. And ever since has been home to racial tensions.

We might also see a dysfunctional family, in which a young man’s parents apparently didn’t parent him, or seem to care. His grandmother raised him as best she could. The boy had no mother or father to teach him how to live or behave.

If police exercised as much heart as force
If a populace would reconcile and accept one another
If biological parents would be good parents
And if everyone would humble themselves and bow before the One who brought reconciliation between God and mankind–

–everything would change.

Do you think so?

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