Prayer Power has been re-released

Book Cover Prayer PowerPrayer Power:  30 Days to a Stronger Connection with God
has been re-released in its original format and title.

Baker Books had previously retitled it Closer to God and an put it in a pocket edition. Then they discontinued it, as they and other publishers have been doing to a lot of authors in tough times.

But EA Publishing has just released the book much as it was originally published. And it is now available on and numerous other outlets in both paperback (now only $9.99). The ebook version will soon be released.

Prayer Power covers thirty key aspects of prayer in a highly accessible manner. Each succinct chapter looks at an element essential to dynamic prayer, such as repentance, passion, journaling, fasting, listening, spiritual warfare, praying with others, and more. The book’s thirty-day format and appendix of “growth gauges” make it intensely practical and useful as a month-long devotional, as a prayer guide, or as a reference for help in specific areas. Prayer Power is peppered with inspiring stories of people who have left powerful examples by their lives of prayer. It is a refreshing, straightforward resource for new believers or mature believers seeking a deeper connection with God.

It’s a great book to help a person’s prayer life go from 0 to 60. And I just wanted you to know in case you haven’t read it yet or might like to get it for a friend or use it in your church group.

Blessings on you…