Earthly life is fleeting. The clock tick-tock-tick-tocked on the mantle. Ralph, the slightly graying husband had just finished a fast life of making money and enjoying weekends. Now his life was a weekend. He wandered into the kitchen for another cup of coffee. With the steam still wafting up from his cup, he looked again at the mantle. Cobwebs had formed along the left side of the clock. He wondered. With the setting sun splashing across the sky, Ralph stepped out for a walk. Upon returning he saw that cobwebs covered the whole clock. Still it tick-tock-tick-tocked. He must have mixed up the clock…

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First Post

New Years Day 2013. My first blog post on I want to thank Augusto Piccio for setting the whole thing up, and Bob Cho, who has helped me modify and upgrade. I have long sent “Connections” as a semi-monthly email, but have come to where I will now blog as well. I intend to post on this website starting two times a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays. I will continue to send “Connections,” though I may shift to a monthly basis if the blog grows and demands more attention. For now I’ll keep sending “Connections” twice a month as…

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