A Better Place

Lots of people assume that being a good person will get them to “a better place” when they die. Really?


How to Become a Car

Will sitting in a garage make me a car? A lot of people seem to assume that sitting in a church will make them a Christian.


DNA—God’s Fingerprint

DNA is more intricate and complicated than anything else on earth. Someone had to have carefully created it. His fingerprint is on every cell of our bodies.


Silent Night—Three Views

Christmas gets caught up in fuzzies and consumerism, but the sufferings of the world never give us a break. Isn’t the best Christmas attitude–the “reason for the season”–that of ministering to the suffering and the lost in the name of Jesus? Isn’t that why Jesus came–and why we have Christmas? And why we can praise and hope no matter what?


Talk about Faith

A thoughtful Christian talks with a person who prefers to assume.


Looking for Answers

A person who has questions and is searching for Christian truth talks with a person who prefers to assume.


What Really Matters

A snippet of a Sunday morning message.

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