Nature: A Window onto God’s Glory

island rises from the sea

After an earthquake in Pakistan, people on the coast near Gwadar watched in disbelief as an island rose out of the sea.

Seismic activity seems to have pushed this shallow area in the Arabian Sea above water. The new island was made of mud, coarse sand, and rock.

Whether it will remain is unknown, since similar phenomena have happened before, sometimes slipping back beneath the waves. Geologists say it is part of the continuing process of continental drift.

Those who went out to explore the island found dead fish and fissures of escaping gas. They put a match to the gas, and it ignited.

The earth is alive. It is not a museum or a blank slate for us to do whatever we want with it. Just as plants and animals go through cycles of life, even the ground beneath us changes. And when you live in earthquake country that can be scary.

Nature is like a window onto God’s glory. The beauty and the sometimes inexplicable is a reflection of God. As God is alive, his creation is also alive.

How would you see the world differently if you saw it as a dynamic manifestation of God? Would not God feel nearer to you, more alive? In fact it would be us acknowledging his nearness and us becoming more alive.

Photo credit:  BBC