More of God’s Fingerprints on the Big Bang

south pole telescopeUsing radio telescopes at the South Pole, astrophysicists have have captured evidence of expansion just a fraction of a second after the big bang 13.8 billion years ago. The theory is that the Universe burst from smaller than an atom to 100 trillion trillion times that–and did it faster than the speed of light. Oooh.

They say that their findings open “a new window” on physics. They also somehow support the idea that “our known cosmos makes up just a fragment in a much larger, unknown frontier that extends far beyond the reaches of light” (LA Times [3/18/2014]).

Of course no one’s allowed to say anything about God here, but people like me see God’s fingerprints all over this.

And the scientific postulation that our known Universe is just a fragment of something much bigger. . . . Oooh, more God fingerprints.

Without arguing a point, I want to thank the scientific community for spending so much time, money, and effort to discover things like this. Do with it what you like, but I’m grateful for the continual stream of evidence from astrophysics to quantum physics that points to the God who created the Universe and us.

And this discovery does double duty: It affirms the link between quantum mechanics and general relativity (part of astrophysics). So we got “all of the above,” as it were, in one discovery.

I can’t wait for what’s next.

Photo Credit:  Steffen Richter, Harvard University