All You Have Are Memories?

A Hollywood couple are listing their estate for sale at $42 million. Interested? They’re ready to move on now that their daughter’s grown up. Time to downsize. They do seem to have been good parents.

The wife said of the place, “We’ve tried to make memories here because in the end, that’s all you have.”

This stopped me. 

You’re telling me that you own a house for 42M, and that in the end all you have are memories?

What on earth were you thinking when you lavished all that wealth on yourselves? In the end you’re poverty stricken. Poor of soul.

If we live our lives well, we’ll include other people in the process; we’ll include causes bigger than ourselves; we’ll be mindful of God and eternity. And in the end we’ll have a heck of a lot more than memories.

True wealth and poverty are deceptive.

People can be so rich yet so poor. Or they can be poor yet so rich.