Live Well in the Face of Eternal Reality

Eternal Reality
You & Me & Eternal Reality
Live well…

Most people would say they want to live well. I don’t know many who prefer misery or self-destruction. If they destroy themselves, it’s usually as a byproduct of recklessly doing something else. For most of us, living well is a matter of choices we make.

Living well is also a big subject that may encompass faith, health, fitness, finances, social interaction, even home buying and vacation clubs.

So we need to be more specific.

…in the face of…

People tend to live life as if they’ll get out of it alive, or just float off to “a better place” when they die. People also tend to ignore anything eternal, as if the only things that exist and are important are what we see here and now. Whether we know it (or like it) or not, we already live in the face of eternal reality. And we could enter it at any time.

Until then, we can find countless ways to connect with it and with God.

…eternal reality

Too many people live with the illusion that what they see here and now, the world they personally understand and experience, is all they need to be concerned about. Most will agree that there may be more out there they don’t know about, but since it’s out there, they choose to ignore it. At their eternal peril perhaps. When we chose to acknowledge it, we not only get eternal things right, our lives here and now also enter a much greater, Spirit-led dimension.

Why do I use the term “eternal reality” and not “God”? Because God doesn’t exist in isolation. He is the creator and author of all that exists, physical and non-physical. I’m not just addressing getting one’s life right with God but also living in light of all he has created and set into place, whether seen or unseen. And the unseen is often eternal.

Enjoy the journey.