If You Were Lance

lance armstrong
Getty Images
After years of vehement denial, Lance Armstrong finally fesses up and admits his sin of using performance-enhancing drugs to win his cycling competitions.

This is a good thing. Honesty is first step toward redemption. Good for you, Lance.

But sometimes doing the right thing comes with a price tag. 

Now that he’s admitted it, he’ll have hords of lawyers after him to sue his pants off to recover money given by previous sponsors. The sponsors want a refund from this erstwhile shmuck. And the lawyers of course will collect obscene sums in the process.

We’re talking millions of dollars.

What will he do?

If you were in the position of lying and covering up to keep things quiet and safe versus coming clean and being honest, redeeming yourself, and living free from guilt and judgment, what would you do?

And if coming clean cost you more than you think you could pay, would you still come clean?

How much is your conscience and your integrity worth?

How important is the fact that God knows all versus what you can hide from people?

In a sense, we’re all on trial.