Lance Didn’t Even Need the Drugs

lance armstrongI posted on Lance Armstrong last week. Get this: AP News reports that his disgraced former doctor and co-conspirator, Michele Ferrari, says that Armstrong “could have been just as successful without doping.”

Gee, thanks, doc. We’re so glad to know that now–after you gave him the illegal drugs for years. I’ll bet Armstrong is thrilled to know that too.

AP goes on to say: “Ferrari describes the effects of testosterone, EPO and blood transfusions, and says that had Armstrong taken testosterone in the manner and amount described by his former teammates, it would have simply had a ‘placebo effect. . . . Armstrong would have achieved the same level of performance without resorting to doping, also thanks to his talent which was far superior to the rivals of his era.”’

Ferrari has been banned for life from the sport. We might hope he’s banned from a lot of other things too.

Have you ever taken a risk and paid for it dearly–then found out you didn’t need to have taken the risk in the first place?

The drive for worldly success can turn otherwise decent people into monsters or fools. Be sure that your sight and your wisdom is greater than your ambition.