Jihadi Hunter Dad

jihadi hunterHere’s a former military dad with guts: Dimitri Bontinck of Belgium had a son who converted to Islam, fell in love with a Moroccan girl, and apparently went to Syria to fight with ISIS.

Unlike most of us who would fret and lament, this dude went after his kid, as in he went down there and brought the kid home. He’s even gone back down there and brought other kids home.

Now that’s a real man. How many people would have such a combination of love and guts? Seriously.

His son is now on trial, and Dad is advocating for the son, saying he was delivering medical supplies and helping the injured.

So I couldn’t help but think how much this is like God. Think about it: We may not go fight with ISIS, but we’ve all strayed from God and screwed up. Our heavenly Father has this same combination of love and guts, in infinite measure, and came to us in Christ to snatch us and take us home with him–first in life on earth then into eternity.

Photo credit:  BBC News