Dive into the Wave

diving-into-the-wavesI’m on the eastern shore of Kauai, and the waves are pounding. Big and scary. I venture out.

If I stand facing them, they knock me back.
If I stand sideways, I fare better just because spreading my legs perpendicular to them gives stability.
If I don’t want to see or face the waves and stand with my back toward them, I fare the worst. They hit me without my knowing when they come, and they tumble me into the sand.
Waves can be like the hardships, troubles, or bad surprises in life that scare us or destabilize us. Big ones may leave us badly disoriented–the way a wave pushes us off our feet and churns us helplessly in the sand.
Then I thought I’d try something counter-intuitive. I would dive right into the face of the wave, just as it rose to its highest peak and was one or two seconds from breaking and crashing down on me.
The wave approached, rose, crested, and I dove straight into it–arms outstretched and body straight. To my surprise, the mountain of water washed straight across my entire body on every side and continued right past me. No bashing or tipping over, just an exhilarating rush of water. I did it again. And again. And again.
Then I’m sure God spoke something into my heart and mind: “Dive into the wave.”
When a big wave comes at you in your life, try this: Do not run or cower or stand against it. Dive into it. Dive straight into the wave. Dive straight into what’s coming at you. Do not fear or run or merely resist. Take the offensive. If something’s coming at you, go straight at it.
Don’t do things only in reaction. And acting in fear can be the most disastrous. Act proactively. Take the offensive and charge at the challenge.
As I’m facing some big decisions, I’m learning–and I hope practicing–what I think that means.
What wave may be coming at you in your life? What challenge do you face?
How might you take the offensive and dive straight into it?