Complain and Cause a Riot

Hindu-Muslim conflict in India

A Hindu girl in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, goes home and tells her family a Muslim boy verbally harassed her. So the girl’s brother and cousin go and shoot the boy to death. Then the boy’s family and others go and beat the brother and cousin to death. Then the anger spreads and the number of dead has reached 31 and counting.

13,000 security officers have been deployed, and more than 100 have been arrested for inciting violence. Schools and shops are closed. Homes evacuated. Streets shuttered and empty.

All because of deep-seated hatred, because people won’t forgive. They’re human and sinful, but they also have religious beliefs in which forgiveness and reconciliation are not taught or practiced much. They don’t have any example of it in the foundations of their faiths. In fact forgiveness is considered a sign of weakness.

But that’s one of the biggest things Jesus was all about–and did with his life. And if you’re Indian and like Gandhi, then think of him. He changed the whole country, except that he’s now dead and Jesus is alive.

If anyone ever tells you that following Jesus is irrelevant–Ha. They have no idea who or what they’re talking about. They have no idea that even on this one point of forgiveness lives can be changed, family histories can be changed, communities and even nations can be changed.

But you have to have a foundation to forgive before you can even be willing. Christians call it the Cross.

Photo credit:  LA Times