Apocalypse Bunker–or Not

Vivos-BunkerNow you can wait out any natural or man-made cataclysm. And you can do it in luxury and style.

In most wealthy countries of the world, you can find apocalypse bunkers. But now you can find a massive one, Vivos, capable of holding a thousand people. And it’s literally an underground resort. You can even park your RV. There you can survive comfortably underground for a year. Until then you’re invited to vacation there and enjoy a long list of amenities in “The ultimate vacation destination for family and friends.”

Assuming you could actually afford it, and assuming it wasn’t (or was?) the rapture you missed, and assuming that you even reached the place in time, and assuming you wouldn’t go insane during that year, and assuming you could come out after a year, and assuming there would be sufficient, uncontaminated air, water and food in a post-apocalyptic world, and assuming you wouldn’t get terrorized, robbed and cannibalized by roving survivors, and assuming you’d even want to survive to live in such a world, and assuming God (at least the one I believe in) would allow such a situation in seeming contrast to the biblical scenario of a whole lot happening first–take a breath. . . .  Assuming all that, would you really want to survive in an apocalypse bunker?

It might be quite an adventure, but would there be any point?
I have a hard time finding where any kind of biblical faith and expectation would fit.

Doesn’t the whole idea of an apocalyptic bunker, even an luxurious one, fly in the face of everything the Bible says to believers?

Even if I’m wrong, if God wants to put me through an apocalyptic experience for some purpose, okay. Either way, I’d sooner get blown away to heaven. I’m ready. Why do people always avoid going there?

Photo credit:  Terravivos.com