Google Glass–A Step Closer to Playing God

google glass

Soon you will be able to take photos, videos, audio recordings, ask directions, get information, and even translate yourself with a pair of glasses: Google Glass.

This is one technology, like the smart phone, that could dramatically affect the way we live. Some people love it–for good reasons. Some people hate it–for good reasons.

The advance is astonishing (and we’re oddly getting used to astonishing advances). Yet we have to ask questions too. When does technology become too much? When does it create too many potential problems–such as privacy issues, potential for spying and criminal activity, and just plain intrusion into everyone else’s life? Google Glass already being banned in a number of places–precisely because it can do such astonishing things. I’m not against it per se, but if I’m smart, I’m going to ask questions and not mindlessly jump on bandwagons.

This technology is a step between having amazing capacities in smart phones and having them implanted inside your head–it puts them on your head, hands free.

More and more, humans are enabling themselves to do things that in the past only God could do. As this pattern advances with each new technology, where will we find ourselves? We’ll have a lot of cool stuff and be able to do incredible things. But will we think of ourselves as being godlike? I would argue that a lot of people already do by the way they think they don’t need God in their lives, or the way they presume to define God however they like, or the way they act as if they were gods.

If you get a set, let me try them on. But remember you’re still mortal.

Photo credit: LA Times