100 Most Influential People

top 100 influential people
Courtesy of Time Magazine
Time Magazine just put out its annual 100 Most Influential People from around the world. I always read this with great interest. What has each person done that’s so influential? Why did each get chosen?

I admire most of them. Not all. And I know they’re human choices and wide open to debate.

I also wish I could make the list someday. Sadly, I haven’t passionately concentrated enough on anything. I may not have the talent.  And I’ve never been thrust into a situation that demanded or pressured me to rise that way. Or maybe I just haven’t had the guts to rise beyond mediocrity.

I will avoid asking what God’s 1oo Most Influential People list would be. Somehow I doubt he is interested.

Isn’t he rather interested in how each of us fully pursue what he has given us and made us to be? Have I passionately concentrated enough on that? Have I missed situations that may have caused me to rise? Do I have the guts?

Do I? Do you?

Yeah, I know God loves me. But do I love him?

Enough to abandon myself?

And to rise to his dream of me?